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Term and Condition


* “EDGE Education”: This term refers to the registered entity ”Excellence Demand Great Education”.
* “Student”: This term refers to any individual or entity who has registered and paid full Course fees to EDGE Education.
* “Course”: This term refers to preparatory trainings, workshops, seminars and classes conducted by EDGE Education and its trainers.
* “Course Fee”: This term refers to the amount payable to EDGE Education for the Course registered for with EDGE Education.
* “Flexible Payment”: This is a payment scheme which can be opted for by a student at the time of Course registration upon approval of Course consultant.
Terms of this payment scheme will be discussed and agreed between the Student and EDGE Education at Course registration.
* “Returning Student”: This term refers refers to a student who has previously registered, purchased and paid for Courses at EDGE.
* “Class Register”: This is a record of each Student’s Course attendance which he/she is expected to sign prior to commencement of each session.

Payment Terms:

* 35% of Course Fee to be paid at the time of Course registration. Remainder 65% to be paid on the day of Course commencement, unless Flexible Payment has
been agreed upon.
* Flexible Payment terms may be offered on a case‐to‐case basis. Please speak to our administration team for further details.
* Students may not be allowed to continue attendance of Course if Course Fee have not been completed in a timely manner.
* Delays in Course Fee will result in three warning notices sent to Student’s email address provided at Course registration. Each notice will be issued with one
week interval, after which their Course registration with EDGE Education may be terminated. Any Course Fees made prior to termination will not be refunded.


*Any interactions within the class should be conducted in a civilized manner and Courses should be attended in respectable attire. Raised voices, foul language
and/or rude behavior towards another Student or any member of staff will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
* If a Student is more than 30 minutes late for a class, he/she may not be permitted to enter the classroom and will be deemed absent.
* Students are solely responsible for making sure their Class Register is accurate and up to date. On the Course day, Students are expected to sign the Class
Register according to the date and class attended, staff of EDGE Education do not accept responsibility of ensuring that Student does so.
* Changes to the schedule (times and dates) may be made after Course commencement and Students will be given reasonable notice of any changes. Courses
may be post‐poned or cancelled up to 24 hours prior to commencement, unless force majeure.
*Students are responsible for updating EDGE Education of change in contact information. EDGE Education will not be held liable if a Student fails to check
his/her email or respond to calls to receive class and Course updates.
* The “Professional Course” comprises of live classes, doubt clearing sessions, EDGE notes, EDGE tests, Practice Questions, and Pass Protection.
* The “Revision Course” comprises of live classes, EDGE revision workbook, mock exam, and EDGE formula book.
* The “Self‐Study Package” comprises of recorded video lectures, EDGE study materials, and practice tests.
* These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Dubai International Financial Centre. The Parties agree to
bring any and all disputes to the exclusive jurisdiction of the DIFC courts.

Audio / Video Recordings:

* Students are solely responsible for exam registration and all the related exam fees of the Course(s) registered for with EDGE Education.
* Student is responsible for ensuring he/she satisfies all basic educational requirements necessary to register for and take the examination for the Course
registered with EDGE Education.
* EDGE Education reserves the right to change, suspend, and terminate any of its Courses.
* Students are prohibited form recording Course lectures in audio/video format or any other format that could compromise the intellectual property of EDGE
Education. Action will be taken against any Student who is found to have compromised the intellectual property of EDGE Education in this manner.
* Video recordings of lectures can be purchased at additional cost.
* EDGE Education will offer its best endeavors to make videos available for each Course topic. However, in the event where no immediate video recording is
available, EDGE Education and its staff will not be held responsible for delays in providing a video recording.

Refund Policy:

* Upon commencement of the training, Course Fees paid will not be refunded.
* Refund will only be provided if a withdrawal request is received in writing 10 working days prior to Course start date.
* In the event third party books and training materials have been pre‐ordered by, collected by, received by or delivered to the Student, the refund provided will
be net of the cost of third party books and training materials.
* Not attending Course does not entitle Student to a refund or Course deferral. Missed Course will be marked absent and considered as Course was taken. EDGE
Education will not postpone, delay or defer Course due to non‐payment or non‐attendance.
* A Student cannot postpone, delay or defer Course dates by talking to the instructor. Unless written approval from EDGE Education administration is obtained
prior to postponement, delay or deferral.
* EDGE Education reserves the right to deny course postponement, delay or deferral.
* If a Course has been terminated by the discretion of EDGE management, refunds will be reasonably provided in full (excluding any fees paid to third parties for
books). In this event, refunds will be distributed pro rata (based on number of classes attended).

Pass Protection:

* EDGE Education may extend ‘Pass Protection’ scheme to its eligible Returning Students.
* Pass Protection is a scheme whereby if a Student fails to pass an exam, EDGE Education will provide FREE Course (excluding materials & book fees) to the
Returning Student.
* An eligible Returning Student will only be provided Pass Protection, if he/she meets all the criteria below:
i) previously registered for, and has provided complete payment of, a Professional Course with EDGE Education, (ii) maintained a 90% class attendance
according to the Class Register, and iii) achieved at least 60% in all class tests and assignments.
* Attendance via video class does not count towards pass protection.


* 10% Early bird only to be availed up to 2 weeks before the Course start.
* 15% Group discount is only to be availed when another candidate registers onto an EDGE Education Program. The discount is to be availed at a time of
registration not after the Course has commenced.
* 15% Group discount is void when a group member has discontinued from EDGE Education Program and/or not completed fees in full. In this event the group
member who choses to remain with EDGE Education as a registered Student must complete full payment of the Course Fee.
* Discounts are only applicable to training sessions and not to Course materials provided.

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