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Financial Accounting Basics

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Certificate in Financial Accounting Basics

Accounting for Non-Accounting Professionals

Part 1 – Context and purpose of Financial Reporting

  • Introduction to accounting
  • The regulatory framework
  • Accounting conventions / Accounting concepts
Part 2 – Introduction to Double Entry Bookkeeping
  • The accounting equation and the balance sheet
  • The double entry system for assets, liabilities and capital
  • The asset of stock
  • The effect of profit or loss on capital and the double entry system for expenses and revenues
  • Balancing off accounts
  • The trial accounts

Part 3 – The Final Accounts of Sole Traders

  • Trading and profit and loss accounts: an introduction
  • Balance sheets
  • Trading and profit and loss accounts and balance sheets: further considerations

Part 4 – The Final Accounts of Sole Traders

  • Books of original entry and ledgers
  • The banking system
  • Cash books
  • The sales journal and the sales ledger
  • The purchases journal and the purchases ledger
  • The returns journal
  • The journal
  • The petty cash book
  • Value added Tax
  • Employees’ pay
  • Computers and accounting

Course Offerings

3 day program (6 hours each day) + 1 day exam (3 hours)

Certificate attested by KHDA

Practice questions in class + live case studies

Hard copy study notes included

Course Pre-requisites

Be able to read, write and speak English with fluency
No other course pre-requisites required.

Who should attend?

Small business owners New Entrepreneurs
Students Junior Accountants
Accounting Assistant Finance Assistant
Secretaries Cashiers
Admin Human Resource Professionals
Sales Manager Information Technology Professionals
Bankers Marketing and Advertising Professionals

AED 1,990 per person

10% Early bird discount

15% Group discount

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